Make it count….

Our lives are really full. There is a powerful pre occupation with “doing” that keeps us really busy. We step out into this world from the cocoon of our parents and launch ourselves onto the treadmill of life. As life gains momentum we zing past events and quickly move onto something new and what was recently experienced becomes a memory, …

andyMake it count….

What if ?

What if?    What if?  The possiblities are endless? You have a choice in each action, to open and embrace uncertainty or to be a prisoner to your own limitations.

andyWhat if ?

How is your experience in Martial Arts?

Over the last few years many men and women, children and parents  have seen the value in training in a martial arts  program that is easy to learn, gets you fit, is fun and there is no risk of injury. It is also a great way to meet new people.  Women too are enjoying the benefits of martial arts, at …

andyHow is your experience in Martial Arts?