The art of Conscious Friendship

Honor friendship. Dont discriminate family and friendship. Dont treat your friends well and your family badly. My closest friend said to be recently dont argue with your partner, treat him/her badly then smile at the first stranger that you see in the street.

andyThe art of Conscious Friendship

Getting what you want in 2010.

Great article on the power of intention by Yaro Starack What Made A Difference? Below are adjustments to my life and my mindset that I made this year, which I consider most responsible for the significant shift in results I’ve experienced.

andyGetting what you want in 2010.

How teaching men to fight makes them a better person!

Fighting for the purpose of hurting another human is not what I am going to discuss. I have participated in thousands of rounds of sparring and competitions. I was often approached to fight in boxing and kickboxing but could never make that step. To be good at blood sports you have to really want to hurt your opponent.

andyHow teaching men to fight makes them a better person!

Where are the Real Men?

In this day and age, man has welcomed and embraced his feminine side by being a more caring nurturing partner, looking after the children, being a stay at home dad, slipping quite nicely into the feminine role. This is all great, and works perfectly providing he also has an outlet to express and develop his masculinity. And here is where …

andyWhere are the Real Men?

A Modern Day Yoga Warrior

Guest writer and popular yoga teacher;  Patty Kikos presents a fantastic overview of her yoga practice, bringing to life the physical, emotional and spiritual components, enlivening the inner spiritual warrior: When people ask what I do for a living and I tell them that I’m a yoga instructor, responses tend to vary greatly from looks of astonishment to bubbling enthusiasm. …

andyA Modern Day Yoga Warrior

Bringing Peace to the World

10 ways that I can bring peace around me on Peace Day, 21st September.

andyBringing Peace to the World

“What is a good life” by Dr Ian Gawler

Cancer survivor, and now a living example of the goodness in life, Dr Ian Gawler shares some of his incredible gems for living NOW

andy“What is a good life” by Dr Ian Gawler

Quote of the day.

Quote: If I had to choose between loving you, and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU.

andyQuote of the day.

The Power of Commitment

Commitment is an act of acknowledging who you are and what you stand for. It is right up the top of your personal list of values that structure how you live your life. You may have these values written or you may just live them without realising from day to day. Commitment is where truth, honesty and integrity are born, …

andyThe Power of Commitment

Live Now..

The reality of the brief moment that we all share together come crashing down in front of me yesterday. For a brief moment I forgot all of my own ideas, troubles, pre –occupations, my own little world did not exist. For a brief moment the life and death struggle of another human being that I had never known or met …

andyLive Now..

I’m just so busy…

Sorry team, it just does not cut it! Ask yourself another question. Am I just being lazy??

andyI’m just so busy…

The day I was challenged by a bikie….

Setting up my own martial arts system has had its challenges and it certainly attracted a lot of attention. Word quickly got that there was a new and interesting way to learn martial arts.  I made many new friends and met many great like minded martial artists, but there was also a negative. I had to make sure that I was …

andyThe day I was challenged by a bikie….

How would you go in a street fight?

Martial Artist view on self defence Martial arts is well renowned as a great way to learn self defence but how to you think it really stacks up. With so many reality fighting contests martial arts has been put through the pressure test.

andyHow would you go in a street fight?


It costs nothing and it is so easy to give. Just takes a little practice.  You can choose to be kind and you can put kindness first in all action.  Kindness is at the heart of loving, loving self, loving others, loving life.


10 Tips for finding peace NOW..

What is taking the space? We often here the phrase, “taking the space”.  Taken literally it can mean to see an opportunity where nothing exists and then taking up residence in that void. May be even as simple as taking the spare parking space, or moving into an area in a crowded room that has not been taken up. or …

andy10 Tips for finding peace NOW..