Body mind and spirit.


I first commenced the martial arts journey as a way to learn to defend myself.  I was bullied at school and in my early working years and martial arts just jumped out at me as a way to gain personal power. After I commenced martial arts, I have never been bullied since. My earliest influence in martial arts was the part that the late David Carradine played in the famous series “Kung Fu”.  Cain though small in size, really packed a punch. But it was his calm philosphy towards martial arts and peace that really impressed me. The idea of the spiritual warrior in the true sense of the word. The warrior that understands his force and power and has great knowledge of it’s capacity, yet moves from the external to the inward path in a true quest to understand one’s self.

We all want to be happy and content, in fact I think we were all born to be happy, but a lot of junk can get in the way.  This blog is simply a way of living that joins personal power, balance, focus and spirit in a way that can un-clutter our lives and clear a way to find true joy and happiness in every action.

I use my own life as a working surface for you to tap into your our potential and through my experiences you may understand a little more about yourself.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Andy Dickinson

andyBody mind and spirit.

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