Good vs Bad

Good vs bad One of my trainers last week asked me how I define good and bad. These are labels that we use to judge almost all events in our lives. Every event is in fact neutral and we give it life by the opinion that we lay over it, based on our own individual experiences that make up our …

andyGood vs Bad

1A Attitude

1A Attitude For many years I worked as a flight attendant at Qantas. On the odd occasion I was lucky enough to work in First Class. Back in my day the first class cabin was completely different from the modern day module like seating we have today. 1A was always the number one seat in first class as it was …

andy1A Attitude

Supermarket Self Defence

There is a very thin veneer between living our lives in a community that is based on civility, good manners and being good law abiding citizens and people that live outside the bell curve of what we consider good.  Evil is sometimes only a breath away and within a blink of an eye you can be thrust into someone else’s …

andySupermarket Self Defence

Martial arts and money.

Martial arts and money. Attending martial arts and working towards your black belt takes time and discipline. Each class that you attend is one step closer to your eventual goal. There are no short cuts. Saving money and paying off loans is the same. Saving for the long term takes discipline and commitment. Paying off a loan takes discipline and …

andyMartial arts and money.


Fear It’s with out a doubt one of the main reasons we find ourselves stuck. Many people just roll along happy with their lot, never having the need or desire to challenge the outer edge of life. This email is not for you people. This email is for the person that has a desire, need, or is motivated by truth. …


How I developed super powerful kicks & cured my back pain

Every morning the same thing. I would wake up and greet the day with a stab of pain in my lower back. Doubled over I would do my best to straighten out by slowly stretching. I would go to see various doctors, chiropractors, physios and oesteos that would x ray, scan and MRI and they all said the same thing: …

andyHow I developed super powerful kicks & cured my back pain

10 unique ways to start your 2016 and develop a peaceful live

10 unique ways to start your 2016 and develop a peaceful live 1. Develop a sincere curiosity. Instead of judging or criticizing replace the urge with ” that’s curious” 2. Replace negative thoughts with; the beauty of…..the beauty of sitting in traffic is that I remind myself of the beauty around the great city I live in. 3. Bathe in …

andy10 unique ways to start your 2016 and develop a peaceful live

Learning to live fully and not just exist.

Live Now. This sounds like a pretty easy thing to do…Live now, because if you are not living now then where and when are you living? In a practical way this is true, but it is important to not confuse living with existing. While the body exists in a space we are easily taken away from the awareness of that …

andyLearning to live fully and not just exist.

The martial artist, the street fighter and the MMA fighter?

The age-old question; which is the tougher, more superior way of fighting? The only way to truly answer the question, one really has had to have experienced a lot as it really is not as clean cut as it seems. Trying to answer this question in broad terms would actually be a gross in justice to all forms of combat.

andyThe martial artist, the street fighter and the MMA fighter?

Defending my self over Easter.

So I was feeling pretty good after teaching submission and sparring techniques in class, followed by a couple of cold drinks and pizza with the students.  Driving back along Darling St I could see that there were families out and people were enjoying the last of the warm weather. I was relaxed and attentive, slowly making my way home when …

andyDefending my self over Easter.

Surviving a knife attack

SURVIVING A KNIFE ATTACK I had been studying martial arts for 10 years or more was a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, ample experience in Ju Jitsu, competing regularly and working security on night club doors. All in all in pretty good shape. It was about 7pm and a friend and I had just finished training at the gym …

andySurviving a knife attack

Make it count….

Our lives are really full. There is a powerful pre occupation with “doing” that keeps us really busy. We step out into this world from the cocoon of our parents and launch ourselves onto the treadmill of life. As life gains momentum we zing past events and quickly move onto something new and what was recently experienced becomes a memory, …

andyMake it count….

It’s up to you.

It is up to you! There is a quantum leap in your awareness when you realise with certainty that YOU are responsible for your own life. Once this awareness sits in your soul, you can shape a life by design and not by default. Designing the way that you want to live means you take personal ownership of how you …

andyIt’s up to you.

The 5 Essential Elements of Martial Arts

There are no techniques that will satisfy every situation, no one magic technique is guaranteed to work. That is why the foundation and fundamentals of the system  have to be well thought out so that regardless of any situation that presents it self, you can apply the basics effectively. Learn them well and you will enhance the quality of your …

andyThe 5 Essential Elements of Martial Arts

The 3 Secrets and the Biggest Loser.

  On biggest loser you see the end product of years of habitual conditioning which generally revolves around a deep seated dislike of who they are. Eating and a lazy lifestyle have thrust them into a deep hole of dispair. Luckily they have realised it and have taken massive action. With the help of a boot camp like existence and …

andyThe 3 Secrets and the Biggest Loser.

What is the latest martial arts trend?

Through out my 30 years of martial arts training I have seen many, many fads and trends come and go. Kickboxing was huge in the late 80’s followed by Taebo in the early 90’s and now we have MMA. All hybrid versions of martial arts and all great methods of exercise. They have great appeal for a while, and then …

andyWhat is the latest martial arts trend?

10 Martial Arts Truths.

The individual desire to study martial arts is diverse and interesting at the same time. For many the intention is to learn a way of fighting so that if the unfortunate situation arises and you have to defend yourself then you can do so.  The trick in martial arts is to teach the student to remain open and honest in …

andy10 Martial Arts Truths.

10 points to taking massive action and changing your life

 I have 9 Black Belts and have won several championships around the world.  The preparation for each test has been the same. This is the method that I use  to prepare for any challenge and it works :

andy10 points to taking massive action and changing your life

A Master’s approach to steet fighting…

Yesterday as I was walking out of the post office at Balmain a man walking past me caught my attention. Just for an instant I looked at him and him at me….I thought, “wow what an interesting hair cut and hey, tattoos…he is covered in them, he is not the usual person you would see walking the street in Balmain.”

andyA Master’s approach to steet fighting…

What if ?

What if?    What if?  The possiblities are endless? You have a choice in each action, to open and embrace uncertainty or to be a prisoner to your own limitations.

andyWhat if ?